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Professional movers in Brussels and throughout Belgium

General information

Based in Brussels, we take care of your moves to, in and from the capital and throughout Belgium: whether you live in Antwerp, Bruges, Liège, Namur… and wherever you’re going, we can guarantee you a stress-free move. We also know all the latest administration and regulations relating to parking in the different parts of Brussels by heart, leading to seamless loading and unloading.

Our strengths

The stages of moving

This is how moving works with Abbeloos-Socquet:

Before the move, contact us to arrange a home visit with Jerry Socquet so he can give you a free estimate. This will be based on the distance between the properties involved in the move, the volume of items to move, the type of objects and furniture, accessibility and any additional services (storage, furniture assembly, packing etc.). On the agreed date, our movers will arrive to pack your goods, objects and furniture, using the most appropriate protection for each: bubble wrap, cardboard, covers, blankets, boxes (made to measure when necessary). They will even dismantle your furniture when necessary and transport it with the required care to your new location. When you arrive, they will take charge of unpacking and rebuilding, treating your furniture and fragile or valuable objects with the attention they deserve.

Our furniture lifts

Do you live in a block of flats, and don’t know how to get your furniture to the removal van? No problem – we have furniture lifts in various sizes so that all your goods can be moved safely. They can reach up to the 17th floor. We take the dimensions of the building into account to choose the lift that is the best fit for the job and is sufficiently large to support the weight and size of the furniture.

Jerry Socquet will make sure himself that your furniture is suitable for this kind of transport. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on this service.

Our special senior citizen service

Are you preparing to move into a care home and looking for assistance in this difficult transition? We can help you! We will take care of transporting your belongings to your new home, and we offer a furniture storage service if you need somewhere to put certain items you still want to keep. Our facilities are completely secure and will conserve your objects under optimum conditions.

These are the areas of Brussels where we are at your service!