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An international moving service

Do you live in Belgium, and are you planning to move to another European country? Or the opposite – do you live abroad, and are you preparing to move to Belgium? Our company will assist you either way in these international moves, whether you are an individual or a company. We offer the same services as for national moves: planning your move, packing and loading, transport and unpacking your belongings in your new location. Whatever your destination, we have a large arsenal of experience when it comes to the insurance and transport involved in moving.

In Europe

Here is a list of European countries where we operate. Whether you are moving to or from Belgium, our movers are at your service to provide the best services available.

Are you moving abroad, and do you need a furniture storage service in a foreign country for your goods? No problem – we work internationally with professionals whose quality of work corresponds to our own standards. So you can be sure you will benefit from the best services available, no matter where you are or where you’re going in Europe.