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Relocation professionals for your office or business, on a national and international scale

No matter what type or size your organisation is, whether it is an institute, an office, or an independent or small business, we will transport your furniture and equipment (machines, computers, office furniture) with the greatest care. We can take charge of moves within and between buildings, nationally and internationally.

Our facilities

We have all the equipment necessary for business moves. We have large trucks, furniture lifts of different sizes, trolleys and other transport equipment. This means we can take charge of relocating all your equipment safely and professionally. If necessary, you can store your belongings in one of our furniture storage facilities to keep them safe under optimum conditions during the move.


Working with us guarantees a complete, high-quality service. We take many aspects of the move into consideration, outlined in this specification:

Moving during or outside working hours?

You can choose to move during or outside the working hours of your business. If you prefer to move during working hours, our employees are trained to work as discreetly as possible. For example, they can carry out the move room by room so that your employees aren’t too disturbed.

If you opt for a move outside your working hours, we can carry out the move in the evening, during the night or at the weekend – whatever works best for you. That way your employees won’t be disturbed at all.

Our furniture lifts

Is your business located in a tall building, on the upper floors, with large furnishings or objects to be moved? No problem – we have several furniture lifts. They come in various different sizes and can move even your biggest items quickly and securely. We choose the lift that is best suited to the size and weight of your items and take great care with the angle of the furniture to ensure a completely secure descent.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on this service.