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A complete, meticulous packing service

Maybe you don’t have the materials or resources necessary to prepare for your move and pack your goods? We can take care of it! Whether you want to relocate in Belgium or abroad, our teams can pack and unpack your belongings with the greatest care. This service is available for both households and companies.

We provide quality packing materials for the optimum secure transport of all your goods: cardboard boxes, special covers, bubble wrap, tape, wooden cases… We pay great attention to the most fragile objects, and we can construct cases to measure for your most precious items (sculptures, artworks, china etc.).

We can provide you with all the boxes necessary, together with labelling to save you time in this period of transition. Additionally, we can also take care of unpacking your items. If you are moving large pieces of furniture, we can take care of disassembling and reassembling them to make them easier to move.

Finally, we have furniture lifts at our disposal, which can come in very handy when you live on the upper floors of an apartment building. They can reach up to the 17th floor and their capacity is adapted to the weight and size of the furniture you want to move. We take the angle into consideration so that your furniture is transported with maximum precaution. Your fridges, washing machines, sofas, armchairs, tables etc. will descend in total security.

Our complete and partial packing services

Depending on your budget, preferences and needs, you can choose to entrust us with the packing of your belongings. We offer two different options: 

  • We can take care of all the packing of your objects, fragile or not, including paintings, sculptures, chandeliers, artworks etc. If you want, we can pack your fragile furniture in maritime-grade kraft paper bubble wrap for international moves. If needed, we can supply wooden crates made to measure to guarantee optimum protection for your artworks. 

  • Partial packing is a good solution if you want to choose which items to pack yourself, and which we will take care of. In any case, we will provide cases and boxes for the move, with stickers to write your instructions on. This system is effective if you want to pack yourself but need help with certain fragile or very large objects.

Our packaging

We offer a vast range of packaging, so that all your goods can be transported in total security. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

For more information about our boxes or other types of packaging, contact us by telephone or via this form.