Do you have furniture to store?

Short-term storage can be convenient when you move to a smaller but you have not yet chosen which goods you want to get rid of. During the move, you would have to take the decision what you want to keep.

To avoid having to get rid of all your stuff, you can store your some or all of your goods with us. You might just find out after moving that you still have some room for that one cabinet. You’ll be very glad to have had it stored with us.

A smaller home?
Relocate to another country?

Storing your furniture might be a very good idea if you’re moving to another country. If you already bought a home but not all work is done yet and you already sold your home here, you can store all of your goods with us.

Our international moving service consists of: assembly, storage and transport of your goods, as well as relocation anywhere worldwide. We plan all steps with you as you wish.

If you lack the space to keep your furniture and goods, we offer you our storage service. You can rent the necessary space for a short or long period. If you wish so, we will move your furniture to our storage facility.

Need more room?
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