Our international moving company plan your move in accordance with your demands and your budget. Ofcourse, we also take care of coorporate relocations.

We offer you an international service to more than 50 countries worldwide, thanks to our extended network of moving agents.

Before you move, we will schedule a meeting with you to plan the entire process. Where are you going to? When do you leave? What do you want to take along in our lorry? We offer a wide range of services: packing, storing your furniture, a moving lift and a reassembly service. If necessary, we can store your goods for you.

Worldwide moving

Process when moving to foreign countries

When emigrating abroad, we take care of the entire moving process. Our moving company goes through the following steps:

Jerry Socquet will handle your move. He will help you with all necessary paperwork and any customs declarations. Our team will come to you to pack, load and transport all your belongings. You won’t have to worry about anything.

We will aggree on the date when your goods have to arrive at your new adress in Belgium.

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