Advantages of a moving lift

A moving lift is often a real necessity. With our goods lift or our ladder lift, we can your bigger and heavier pieces of furniture (like a couch or a piano) to the correct floor. And this in a safe and fast way. This way, you don’t have to worry if the door is wide and big enough. Due to its minimal width, we can use our elevater on many locations. This also depends on the available space, the height it must reach and the weight of your furniture.

What lift would suit you most?

Our account manger will determine with you which lift is the best suited for your situation. If you need to move heavy objects, our lift must be able to support the weight. The loading platform must be big enough for your goods, furniture and machinery. It is also necessary to know the floor on which the goods must arrive. This way, we can take along the right ladder lift.

One of our movers will always be onsite when using our goods lift. They have the experience and knowledge to operate the lift correctly. They also watch everybody’s safety. Your goods are not allowed to hang over the edge and they must always be loaded correctly!

What goods can be transported with a moving lift?

A moving lift is a quick, efficient and economic way to move heavy and big goods, for example:

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